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About FPBI

The courses offered are not time consuming, but very solid and strengthening.
The method is simple. Request the workbook which is the basis for the study.  There is a $10 fee per course. Make checks out to Ark Church, pay online or through the App. This is not a tax-deductible offering; it is a transcript/grade fee used in the purchase of supplies/books.

Currently workbooks are for loan only and must be returned in good condition upon finishing the course. This is because of publisher difficulties. A test will be included when you receive the study synopsis. Read through the workbook, study the material and look up any scriptures not already indicated. You may use your Bible and study synopsis, and take your test open book.  The reasoning behind this is that you are studying, searching the scriptures and looking for specific answers and in that time also learning and retaining the precious and powerful Word of God. Some questions may not be answered in the book. This is all done at your own pace, in your own time and in the privacy of your own home. When you pass the test with a grade C or better, you will receive a certificate of completion per course from FPBI. These in addition to your practicum and any other listed requirements will result in certification on the chosen personal levels. Faithful church attendance, covenant membership, righteous living, tithing, and submission to leadership are necessary requirements.
Preaching license and Ordination may have variances per Pastoral interviews.

Why Enroll

  1. Preparatory: to put oneself in readiness and serving to prepare.  A preparatory study is about knowing God intimately and committing to live a life that makes Him known.  It allows God to align your heart with His.  It is our constant pursuit.
  2. An opportunity for Christians who want to be better Biblically prepared for their role in Church life and spiritual development.
  3. An opportunity for Christians to study material that is not theologically difficult, but is layman enjoyable.
  4. An opportunity for Christians to receive solid Bible training resulting in different levels of certificates.
  5. Home study that is conveniently timed.  There is no specified schedule, classroom commitments, class obligations or large financial requirements.
  6. Time and efficiency are at a premium and solid Bible knowledge is imperative.  Advancement is dependent upon your calling.
  7. This is in-house offered only to those in covenant with Ark Church.

Course of Study and Levels

This is the first grouping of studies
  • Christian Foundations
  • Total Man
  • Prayer
  • Faith
  • Human Illness and Divine Healing I
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Demons and Deliverance I
  • Practicum I (involvement in two ministries)
Includes but not limited to: study to prepare for prison & jail ministries, street work, nursing homes, children’s & teen ministry
All Word Dynamics subjects plus:
  • Ministries of the Spirit
  • Person of the Holy Spirit
  • Person of Jesus Christ
  • Ethics
  • Practicum II (involvement minimum: faithful in two ministries and attending  church services weekly.  Special work force exceptions can be considered)
All Teachers and Specialized subjects plus:
  • Covenants of God.
  • Acts of the Apostles
  • Demons and Deliverance II.
  • How to Cope I
  • Practicum (continued two ministries and two services weekly)
All Word Dynamics, Specialized & Exhorters courses plus:
  • Fruit of the Spirit, Ephesians, 10 Commandments & Romans

A one-year period is in force before advancing to ordination.  Once an individual has finished all ordination-required courses, he/she must function as a licensed minister for one year, proving himself (I Timothy 5:22 lay hands suddenly on no man).  He must also preach a minimum of once a month during that time. Application and other requirements (Biblical) are in force for licensing and or ordination.  Yearly renewals will then be required. Completing courses only is not a qualification for license or ordination. Ordination requires more courses, practicum & supervision leadership. This would be under direct supervision of Pastoral staff with more information supplied then.

Steps to Take

Once you receive your study synopsis, the following steps should be considered in beginning your study:
  1. Read each lesson of the syllabus carefully.
  2. Study main points and scripture references.
  3. Make personal notations.
  4. Direct any questions to Sister Dee.
  5. Review your study guide and then in the privacy of your home, take your test. Make checks out to Ark Church, pay online or through the App. This is not a tax-deductible offering; it is a transcript/grade fee used in the purchase of supplies/books.
  6. You may use your synopsis, notes and Bible for the test. Take it open book. Don’t forget to include your name on the test. There is a file area at the Tabernacle Welcome Center. Use this location to drop off your tests, any offline requests etc. Your graded tests will be placed there for you to pick up.
  7. You will receive a graded test and a course completion certificate. Transcripts will be kept in your FPBI file towards your area of credentialing. This is a credentialing & study course, not a degree course. No credits are issued.
  8. There will be a credentialing time either bi-annual or annually (depending on the current year student load.)

Enroll Now

Print, fill out and return the application or complete the form below.

I understand that I am applying for participation in a certificate program of Bible study. The required courses will prepare me for different areas of ministry but completion of them by no means evidences a calling. I understand that receiving credentials from FPBI is not a promise for employment or placement, my goal is spiritual, my destiny comes from God. I covenant to submit myself to leadership and counsel in my pursuits.